Living with Psoriasis - Her Story

My name is BETTY. At the tender age of 3, through the breakup of my mother and father’s marriage, I suddenly developed psoriasis. However, as I started school, I became more and more aware of my skin. My psoriasis became quite severe and my mother really worked hard to help me accept my psoriasis.

I was always pulling my socks up higher to cover the psoriasis on my legs. I would keep my blouse sleeves rolled down and wore long sleeve sweaters. A difficult time for me was when I was eight years old. The kids in school would call me names like “spotty”. This hurt my feelings and it was difficult to cope with.

I remember one time when I was in tears, a kind school teacher, seeing how upset I was, gave the class a lesson about psoriasis. After the lesson, the kids in school were nicer to me and more understanding.

Another difficult time was when I started physical education in school. In the changing room, the girls stared at me as If I was a monster. I was a shy girl and didn’t have a boyfriend until I left school. For a few years after I finished school, I was unhappy. My life centered around my skin If my face had blotches, then I would stay in the house all day. I would stay in my room all day and cry. I could hide my body but I could not hide my face.

Through the years I had a boyfriend and support from my family and friends. They kept me going through all the gloomy days. Well I am now 22 years old and have put the bad days behind me. I look forward to the future and I am happier now than I have ever been. You must accept things in life that you cannot change if you want to be a happy person.


BR Winnipeg MB

Living with Psoriasis - His Story

My name is JOHN. I was diagnosed with psoriasis when I was 18 years old. I first noticed spots on my legs while I was at the beach. Since then, my psoriasis has progressed to 85% of my body. I have tried many types of treatment and none of them worked. After years of using cortisone cream, I was never told by a doctor to gradually stop using this product or psoriasis will come back and it will become worse.

Over time I became very depressed when my whole body was covered with psoriasis. I tried everything to find some peace and be free from the pain and suffering but nothing worked. I sank so deep inside that I would let people close to me for fear they would think I was hideous. I moved to get away from people’s evil words. I sank so low that I lived alone in a cabin to be far from prying eyes of other people and the World.

I had spent all my time (over 12 years) running away from people and intimate relationships and hiding my skin. When I was alone in the woods with the peace of nature, healing river, stones, wildlife, the forest – the most wonderful thing happened – I found myself– I found the strength that I did not know existed. I found the ability to love myself and to accept how I felt. I let go of the past and the negative thinking and the healing started immediately.

Today I take charge of my treatments and keep faithful to the regime. I am happier now because I have learned to accept who I am and whatever the future holds in store for me – I am ready— I AM 49 YEARS OLD.


59 Years with Psoriasis

What are those ugly scales you have on your knees?
Have you been scalded or bitten by some fleas?
I looked up in amazement, my poor eyes filled with tears.
My dear, I have psoriasis and I have had it for years.

Psoriasis is a skin condition as everyone should know.
These ugly scales usually cover us from head to toe.
When we wake up in the morning with scales on the floor.
They itch so much we scratch them and make them really sore.

Now if you have psoriasis or plaques upon your skin, do not
be embarrassesd for it’s no shame or sin.
I advise you see a Dermatologist – who will offer you some help.
To heal those ugly patches you have on your scalp.

Now in ending this my story, there is something i must relate –
Don’t sit around and hesitate – do something before it’s too late.
There are tars and PUVA treatment and even Ultra violet Ray.
To heal the itch and heal the plaque – so go and do it TODAY…